Things What Caught My Eye

Anonymous said: Zane- You have fought a lot of personal demons and made quite a few changes in your life since you were first partnered with Ty. Do you ever do a self reflection and notice the man you were then compared to the man you are now?


Zane: You mean … do I ever reread the books?

Ty: Too meta, there, Garrett. Too meta.

Anonymous said: Sidewinder, what happened with Kelly in 2004?


Owen: Dude, that was a long time ago.

Digger: There was that thing.

Owen: With the other thing.

Nick: Oh yeah! The thing with the thing. And then the stuff, right?

Owen: Right, the stuff happened.

Digger: So much stuff.

Kelly: Idiots.

Anonymous said: Nick: kelly seemed shocked that his ex thought y'all were banging while they were together; does it shock you that she believed that?


Nick: Well … yeah. Although, she listed her reasoning and she’s right. I did call or text Kelly every day, I wanted to make sure he knew we were there. It was the first time in years we’d all been separated, we were sort of scattered out, and Kelly thought it was his fault. He thought we’d blame him. I needed to make sure he knew we didn’t. I needed him to know we were still family.

Kelly: I wish she’d listed that as a reason in our divorce. We’d have had that many more years together.

Nick: We had those years together, Kels. The only thing that’s changed is the sex, and I wouldn’t trade it for the time we had.

irishfem73 said: Hello Zane & Ty. I live in Beaumont TX, so I was wondering did you enjoy your time in Beaumont ?


Zane: I always enjoy my time in Beaumont.

Ty: You realize we never actually went to the town of Beaumont, right?

Owen: Are you two talking about sex?